Whether you are looking to drive more new patient phone calls, or simply keep your existing patients happy so that they provide more referrals; it all starts with the phone.  Until now, no tool existed that allowed for complete transparency at your front desk.  Therefore, you have been left left scratching your head about where your phone calls are coming from – and wondering why more of your calls aren’t leading to appointments being booked!  Now there’s help.

MyDentistCalls is the most comprehensive dentist-focused, web-based application on the market today.  With countless options for call recording, staff training, ROI tracking, advertisement placing, and more – you really have to see it to believe it!  However, here are some of the key features that MyDentistCalls delivers to your practice:

Call Recording lets you hear what is being said between your staff and your patients at the front desk.
Call Tracking shows you where all of your phone calls come from so that you know exactly what drives the most patients.
Call Scripts provide proven and effective methodologies for handling the most difficult situations your staff members will encounter with new and existing patients.
Flagged Calls make it easy for you to highlight good calls and bad calls for effective staff training sessions.
Marketing Tools provide for quick and easy development of ad campaigns that will drive countless new patients to your practice.
Return on Investment (ROI) Tracker provides up-to-date financial results for each place you advertise or promote your practice.
Instructional Videos provide step-by-step tutorials on how to advertise smarter, train your staff, and grow your practice.
Dynamic Routing lets you route phone
calls to any phone number, and at any time of day.
Tracking Lines provide in-depth analysis about which advertisements or promotions are working, and which ones aren’t.
Staff Training Manuals help your team become more effective on the phones and convert more prospects to booked appointments.
Staff Scoreboard lets you keep score of individual staff performances and provides
a competitive playground for your team.
Marketing Consultation with our team of professionals allows you to leverage experts in the field of marketing, staff training, and beyond.
Custom Reporting delivers tailor-made analysis for each aspect of your marketing plan.
Library of Articles allows you to gain valuable insights on how to advertise like the pros and convert more phone calls to booked appointments.